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If there is one thing I struggle with it is creating a website. I have enough material to put on it, the question is how do I organize it in a way that makes sense to me. I can't squeeze myself into those standard formats of website creation. I try harder, I do more and IT IS NOT WORKING. 


So what then? Well first of all I thought let's approach it from a more creative artistic angle, and consider this an art project in creation. What it exactly will look like "I don't know", simply because "it does not exist yet". It's in the process of making and creating, it will take shape and fall in place by itself as in any other artistic creative process.


Besides that, to get something off the ground, any creation needs a foundation. Like a painting needs a canvas, a website needs a basic fundamental structure to work and create in. So how does my basic website structure look like I wondered? Well, my "how" is in the now. So I asked myself some questions:


1. Where am I currently focussing on and busy with?

Trauma Therapy, so my shamanic trauma transformation

2. What is something I want to do already for a very long time?

a business with my art and creativity so my creative business creation

3. What is something I started and stopped and want to restart? 

that is creating skillshare classes

4. What is something in the past I would like to breathe new life in?

my time in Jordan from 2010 to 2013, so my Sense Jordan

5. Anything else from the last ten years I would like to restart?

a follow-through of the artist's way; "walking in this world"

6. any other idea I have been carrying around for a while?

a follow-through of the interview series I did in October 2021 during the exhibition of the flying carpet of Alchemy exhibition and that is 

my podcast channel "Calling of the Zebra".

So these 6 ideas I am busy with now I have elevated to "project status", and together they create the basic foundation of my website. Each project gets it is own page, and I will see how the individual projects will unfold over time and how the website overall will evolve along with it.


From a website structure to a creative representation of it: in the centre my logo: "Path of the Zebra", the essence from where it all originates and the underlying connective piece holding it all together and around it the petals of the flower representing the different  active projects of the now 

creative engineering

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