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Magical story: the Little Match Girl

following the storyline


I am from yiyininaya. This is a place in the universe, or actually, it is beyond it. You enter yiyininaya through the black holes. Following the line, you enter it travelling on a light stream. It catapults you right into the black hole and with speed even faster then light, space and time vanish, into the black of nothing, and from there Yiyininaya starts. This place is full of colour; colours are born here, this is where black and white have collapsed together and have become a trillion colours.


The colours sparkle so beautifully, so bright even beyond light and the skylight so bright, and the sun so orange with golden lines through it. Sometimes on earth, they see a glimpse of it, this bright sky and orange-gold in the sun. Space is water; water is air and air is sand, constant liquify into one state into another. The colours take on amazing shapes and forms whatever my eye wishes to see. What I think the colours create for me. Then I am in rain of colourful flowers, then in a rain of feather-colours and wow the snow is orange, and wow I fly through the rainbow-butterfly. Strange orange snow and warm and sunny. Love it. We swim through the air, effortless; everything is effortless here. What we are, what is left of us, is the essence, the essence of presence. I am the Princess of Presence. Look at me, my hair, my figure, golden shower around me sparkle pink on my skin. Shine shine shine through me. Once in this place I never want to leave again, here do I belong, I am Harma, Princess of Presence of Yiyininaya.

But sometimes we have to leave for a while, and we return. We don't say “later” we don't know “later”, you never really leave. I am now in a different state for a while. Split up in between two realities. This confuses. I am still Power Presence Princess of Yiyininaya on earth, but the body is so complicated, the time is so complicated, space is difficult the gravity is so tricky.


I start in the core, and I spiral out, entering the heli-flux spiral into another reality, from timeless I enter “time”, the pressure is enormous, and the speed goes beyond light, I am getting mass, I am getting a body, and mwmmmmwwwmmmmwrrrr I am catapult into another reality, bam!!!! There I am........silence. This is a beautiful space, a lovely space it is soft, it is warm, it is cosy, oh I want to stay here, please let me stay here, I am so happy I this in-between twilight zone. I have all here I need. There is so much potential here, there is so much love here, there is so much of just me here, from Yiyininaya I am now Iconinca. Twilight of Iconica. Coming through the darkness in here, I see the light in front of me, shall I enter this tunnel of light or not. I am afraid to go through this tunnel and yet I feel a deep curiosity to enter this tunnel and see what is on the other side. But what is holding me back to move. I am so afraid that my fairy tale reality will not come with to the other end. Oke, I will enter the tunnel and step by step I go through the channel. The channel itself is amazing, the road is paved with all the colours of the world, the arches are fantastic and the light is so bright. The tunnel is also a very pleasant please to be, let me stay here for a while.


There is light in the darkness, and there is light in the shadow. Mother light and father darkness together capture the full range of colours in between them. Sometimes sequency, the frequency is the sequency. And it is that frequency sequency that gives you children our unique colour, there is only on your frequent sequency, and you only will be happy in the earth reality when you vibrate in your own sequent frequency. We, mum and dad light hold all the frequencies, we are the “everything in the nothing” and give you your unique frequency with the sequency. Listen to your pulse, visible in your heartbeat. The heartbeat is the signal of your frequency sequency. And the more you are in tune with your heartbeat, the more both worlds Yiyinayana and earth will be in frequenty sequency. There is no other colour blend then yours. And yours is the best for you; you can getlight is mother, sometimes light is father. Darkness wants to play mother. They just turn around, they are “the same”, it just from with angle you look at them. They tell their children colour to pulse, to vibrate in their unique frequency, they are born in a unique frequency and also

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