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The invisible light, I see in the shadow as a reflection of the light, that is my black. Facing the black, I experience that as seeing what is not possible. When I turn around, the shadow is behind me and the light is in front of me, I focus on the light and see my opportunities.


The shadow is a reflection of what could be. A reflection of the dream, not reality itself, the dream is hidden in the shadow, in the barrier.  To make the dream reality, look into the light, there I find the way. Shadow and light are connected, only where is my focus. Shadow or light. A reflection visible in the shadow or seeing in the light the full potential.

Looking deeper

I stand on promise land but do I know, no I don't know. Treasury the invisible becomes visible, the unseen is visible. Little match girl she dies. I died crashing into the wall doing it the way to please other people, never good enough, that afternoon I died. An awakening, THIS IS ABOUT MY LIFE, it is not what they expect from me, this is about MY LIFE. I help people to alchemize their inner blocks into renewal and expansion. Everyone wants to shine their light; everyone is looking for the light. In the dark is your light. You find your light in your barrier. Something is holding you back and to find out what is holding you back, you have to connect with your barrier, because there is your answer what is holding you back and once you know what is holding you back then you can transform it, but you cannot transform it if you don't know what is holding you back. My holding back is not knowing 'how'. Everyone talks about how important is to know your why. What do you want to experience, what do you desire, that is your why? My why is “don't be afraid of your pain and your black and your barrier, because there you will find your answers. Again in the dark is the light. To be visible, you have to stand first in your own darkness. Seeing your own darkness makes yourself visible. That is the first step of becoming visible, stand in your own darkness. You go stand in your own light by standing in your own darkness by connecting with your own barriers there you find the light.


My barrier now is the HOW. I don't know how. That is holding me back quite a while now. The traditional methods don't work for me. How other people do it, does not work for me. It holds information for me, but I have, to translate it to myself, adapt it to myself.


Adapt and suppress is my deepest pain, to adapt and suppress myself to fit in. But there is a truth in it, I have to adapt stuff towards myself. What I do is I adapt myself to the world, but I have to adapt the world to me. That is with spirit guides the inner and outer world become one and between in that; the art is the bridge. The interpreter. You have a dream and want to bring it into reality then the art is your bridge to get the clarity, the how and other answers. So a soul art journey is your bridge to bring it into reality. In a soul art journey, you connect with your barrier. You can also connect with your wish, but if that is not reality yet then there is a barrier, so you end up again with your barrier, the request is in the barrier. Those two are one.


When I and a soul art client go on a journey start with talking where are now, what do you want, what is your current life experience and what would you like to be different. That we put in a statement or intention. I connect them with the higher self because therein is their iconic essence and there is their answer. Then I connect them with the earth because there is where the dream gets reality. In between that is that barrier, that is holding it back or holding it in. Then we connect with the barrier or the energy of the barrier. Dive in the barrier and that is where the creative journey starts. Because in the dark is the light. Then you get clarity on your barrier, what is holding you back and you find your answers. You get these answer by dialoguing with the barrier, the art piece that represents it. And in the answers is the action. Translating the answers into a action. Something you can do, and by doing it you move through the barrier, and you put your intention into action. So actually your dream into reality. The visibility is in it, what is invisible becomes visible

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